Web-based at-home personal activity monitoring for seniors.

Protection for your loved one. Peace of mind for you.

CareView Connect uniquely combines three benefits:

  1. Peace of Mind. The CareView Connect Panic Button sends an immediate alert to your choice of responders so that your loved one can get the help they need.
  2. Quality of Life Score. CareView Connect sensors provide a comprehensive view of how your loved one is doing.
  3. Predictive Analytics. The CareView Connect system can predict problems before they happen.

Only CareView Connect combines data and powerful analytics to create customized alerts based on your loved one’s activities.


The CareView Connect system generates a Quality of Life Score that assists in monitoring and measuring your loved one's wellbeing. By using data collected from the sensors, comparisons can be made across national peer groups. Your loved one's activity patterns are integrated to generate an on-going Quality of Life Score.

Keep an eye on your loved one while respecting their privacy.

Predict issues
BEFORE they occur.

Receive customized alerts based on your loved one’s activities.

For just $45 per month (plus one-time equipment package fee), extend your loved one's independence with CareView Connect.


Get a free equipment package (a $200 value) with annual contract.


Or call 1-800-935-0598.

Easy to install. Easy to understand. Easy to use.




Set up the system.

CareView Connect uses components that are easy to set up and simple to connect.

Set up your portal.

Login to the system to set up your monitoring and alert preferences.

Rest assured.

Once set up, your CareView Connect system acts as a sort of "guardian angel" for your loved one.

Everything you need to protect your loved one.

The CareView Connect Portal

Discreet Monitoring and Real-time Insights

We’ve taken our expertise in hospital monitoring systems and created a smart, predictive personal monitoring system that works like no other system available. From real-time information, to predictive analytics, to customized alerts, the CareView Connect portal is designed to predict issues before they occur.


This small, unobtrusive unit collects sensor data and uses in-home Internet connectivity to transmit the data to the monitoring portal.

Panic Button

This wearable sensor is used to request immediate assistance. Once the button is pressed, notifications can be sent. Caregivers determine the cascading escalation of alerts. For example: 1) a text to designated primary caregiver, 2) an email to a primary caregiver, 3) a voice call to neighbor.

Sleep Sensor

This sensor monitors sleep patterns. These measurements factor into the Quality of Life Score. The sleep sensor includes a safety pin to attach it to the mattress. The sensor detects motion when a loved one goes to bed and when they get up. It also detects the amount of movement during sleep.

Event Sensor

This multi-purpose sensor is designed to monitor activity, and can be used for applications such as monitoring the frequency and timing of when your loved one dispenses their daily medications. Other useful applications include monitoring when a door is opened, when the toilet handle is flushed, and when the refrigerator door is opened.

Motion Sensors

These sensors provide data about the movements of your loved one within their home, showing how often and when they move about the house. A change in activity level is often a predictor of potential issues.


Order now and get a FREE EQUIPMENT PACKAGE with annual contract.

Monthly subscription is available for $45/month plus a $200 equipment fee.


Or call 1-800-935-0598.

Protection for your loved one. Peace of mind for you.

Or call 1-800-935-0598


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